Kauai day #1

Airport dropoff at 5:30am. We learned that most flights (except Delta) to LAX fly outta the commuter terminal. The first leg from SAN to LAX was on a tiny propeller plane. I brought my hiking pack, so of course the stewardess was going to tell me that it’s sticking out from under the seat in front of me. A gentleman in the back if the plane was kind enough to switch backpack storing options so I could keep my exit row seat. I slept most of the way on this LAX to Honolulu flight. One more leg to go to Kauai.

After landing in Honolulu, which looks amazingly beautiful, a native helped me thru the maze to go from the regular terminal to the commuter terminal.




Loaded up with food and snacks from Costco!! They have poke!😋

Grabbed snacks and beverages at Kauai Brewing Co



#2 was the hands down winner.


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