Kauai day #5

Checked out of Lawai Beach Resort. Loaded up on yogurt and pickles. Made the 1 hour 45 minute drive from south shore up to Hanakapiai state park (Na Pali coast trail head). Ate a sandwich at Hauna park where everyone was disturbed by the schizophrenic man yelling crazy obscenities.

Hiked two miles to hanakapiai beach. Then continued another two miles to the hanakapiai falls. Ate lunch that consisted of a sandwich, a massive avocado, pickles, and some French bread. Cute lil feral kitties perused the waterfall area.

Headed back to the car and really enjoyed that 8 mile hike. Tons of guava trees and fruit along the way.

Checked out the shopping center close to the trail head and picked up some fresh pressed juice and gobbled down some chicken and a sampler platter from Chicken in a Barrel.

Drove to Princeville and checked into The Cliffs and headed back out to Queen’s bath. Found a nice lil pond to swim in. Freaked out when huge sets came and filled the pond up… The power of mother nature’s fury is no joke. Several Darwin Award contestants found at Queen’s Bath.

Discovered the beauty of rainbow eucalyptus trees as well as Hawaii’s state bird, the rare Nene. Pizza and a movie back at the house. Passed out early.












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