Skillet-Roasted Whole Chicken #recipe #chicken #holidays #family

It’s soon becoming that time of year where fall and delightful aromas engage the holiday spirit.  People become nicer and partake in the festivities.  So why not jump on the bandwagon?  I came across this recipe while flying back from Kuaui and it looked delicious!  Here’s the recipe:

The chopping stage:

Getting the chicken ready:

The cooking process:

165 F in the breast! Chicken is done!

Plating of the chicken with some garnish:

And I paired it with some quartered potatoes:

Side of asparagus:



The Verdict:


The chicken was deliciously moist.  The lemon and herbs helped awaken the flavor without being overpowering.  The juice from the chicken was probably my favorite.  The culmination of rich flavor, zing, and herby aroma beckons my tastebuds.  My unladylike self wants to drink the juice directly from the cast iron pot!

The asparagus paired with the lemon made for a nice zesty combination.  Overall, it was a very satisfying meal with lots of smiles around the table.  I’d say this recipe was a winner!


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