Port Douglas, Australia

7:30a pickup with Tony’s Tropical Tours. There were about 8 of us: couple from Atlanta, couple from Israel, mom and daughter from San Fran, and another gal from San Fran. Randall was our supremely positive and jokester tour guide. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Drove to Mossman from downtown PD (Port Douglas). Lots of sugar cane here with lots of poisonous snakes in sugar cane fields.
Mossman gorge: River that was clear and pretty shallow (drought of the dry season). Basket fern. Wait awhile Palm. Cardamom ginger.
Passed Wonga Beach and Snapper Island (pacific : Spielberg and tom hanks) on our way to the Daintree River.
Crocodile River tour: salt water crocs. Low tide for tour. Baby croc alongside bank. Saw a larger 2m male. Metallic starlings. Tree frog. Cable ferry. After the tour, drive to our tea time to a beautiful beach. We’re looking for Cassowary (like an emu, but extremely rare). Copper creek: Mix of fresh water and salt water… Gives cloudy color.
Beautiful desolate beach. Sand bubbler crab w small pebbles. Tea time.
Arrived to a private property for further rainforest tour. Poisonous fruit – cassowary plum. Termite mound. Clustered fig tree. Black bean HIV tree. Boyd’s forest dragon.
Lunch: damper bread kinda like cornbread (very dense, almost flavorless). Sweet chili sauce. Veggemite (kinda like a yeasty thick soy sauce paste; a little goes a long way). Hike along Noah Creek – private 600 acre property.
Drive out to Cape tribulation – bath tub warm water.
Local ice cream – blackberry, mango, pineapple, whattle seed (tastes a bit like coffee, without the caffeine). Made fresh daily.
Cable Ferry across river.
I’m exhausted. Heck of a long day. This post went from coherent sentences to fragmented mush of memories from the day.








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