Cairns to Sydney to Christchurch, NZ

True travel day. Flew today from Cairns to Sydney. WCS: surrounded (diagonal, in front, and same row) by 3 rug rats. One of them slept the whole way. The one in front screamed and cried consistently. The one in my row slept halfway but them just needed some entertainment. These poor parents… Trying so hard. Just landed in Sydney. Pretty nasty storm here. Bad turbulence! 😳 Small layover in Sydney and then connected to Christchurch, NZ.

Landed around 12:00a NZ time (they’re 21 hours ahead of Cali). Went thru customs and had no idea that prepackaged chicken sandwich that was not opened could not go thru. Wasted $9. I was going to eat that for breakfast. Nevermind that I am already tired… And then to be hungry in a couple of hours. Fail. Taxi cab ride to my hotel about a mile away was $25! Yes, I’m realizing I’m getting ripped off left and right (New Zealand, Ya better step up your game because right now you’re in the red!). Checked into my hotel, Airport Palms. I highly highly highly recommend this cute hotel. My key was left in the little lockbox with a key code that was emailed to me. It was perfect. Clean and professional establishment. In fact, the hotel made my evening. I went to bed with a huge smile on my face. Will meet up with my Stray Journeys group in the morning at the airport.


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