Christchurch, NZ to Franz Josef

Minimal wifi here. So everything will be in fragments. Got shuttled to the Christchurch airport by the hotel (again, super nice!). Got picked up by the Stray bus. 4 gals on the trip: 2 from Ireland, 1 from Poland.
Christchurch – 6.3 earthquake in central city 2011. Killed 200 people. 4.5 million people in NZ.
Canterbury plains – 300km. Dairy farms.
Springfield – donut. Joke with Homer Simpson.
Castle hill – lord of the rings, Narnia. Rock formations made of limestone.
Arthur’s pass village – lunch stop. Got a sausage pie and tried the NZ lemonade. Saw a kea – the alpine parrot.
Entering Westland
Kumara – small town.
Farm land abuts ocean.
West coast – coal mining.
Hokitika – jade.
Ross – small gold mining town. 90oz gold nugget.
West coast gets a lot of rain. Many one lane bridges for flooding. Rain forests.
Lake Ianthe – glacial lake
Hari hari – landing of first ever flight from Australia (Sydney). Crash landing.
Mt Hercules – hill. 8km.
Franz Josef – named after the emperor of Austria
HH in Franz Josef – beer tasting of Spring and Fern from Nelson: Pilsner, raspberry cidre, porter, lager, and ipa. Cider and tesmin lager were best. Followed closely by non-hoppy ipa. Dinner at 7p. Doing the heli glacier hike tomorrow! 😊

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