Day 3: Oslo, Norway

Oslo Activities

Woke up around 9:30a… Had a really delicious breakfast spread at the hotel (who does caviar in a tube for breakfast? Sophistication!). Took the 30 bus from the central station to the Maritime and Fram museums. Both are excellent in content and interaction. Highlights include engines, remote controlled boats, bean bag chairs, and helicopter panoramic video at the Maritime museum. The Fram museum basically documented the exploration of Antarctica. After 4 hours of museums (decided to skip Kon-tiki museum and Viking museum), took the 30 bus to the sculpture garden. It was beautiful, especially in the snow.

Amazon Prime Video: Passport to Norway

Vigelund Sculpture Park

Oslo Vinter Park

After the park, took the 30 bus back to Oslo central station and grabbed a bite to eat at Pepe’s pizza. Took a forever long walks round downtown Oslo and there are minimal restaurants. This is a shock to me being that this is the capital city. However, after a longer than average wait for the pizza… The wine and thin crust melted my troubles and hangry-ness away.

Now, back to the hotel for some early zzzzzz’s and an early morning departure to Kirkenes, Norway. #79 of 100 best restaurants (closed until jan 5) 😦














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