Day 5: Kirkenes, Norway

Kirkenes, Norway = Enjoying a bit of the Arctic Circle

Woke up this morning and was glad to have survived the ice hotel experience.  Went to the shower and enjoyed a nice Norwegian sauna with a followup snow angel challenge (almost like being part of the polar bear club!).  It was invigorating!!  Headed out on the property to do some snowshoeing and sledding.  Came back around 11:30a and caught the bus into the city and checked into the next hotel.


 KI14 Dog-sledge trip in Norwegian-Russian borderland incl. dinner (5,5 hours)

Duration: 17:00 – 22:30

This is what I hope to see:

Here’s what I actually did:

These dogs were amazing! Loved every bit of it!! Highly recommended!


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