Day 8: Stockholm, Sweden #stockholm #sweden #knut

NYT: 36 hours in Stockholm

UK Telegraph: 36 hours in Stockholm

The Independent UK: 24 hours in Stockholm

The Independent UK: 48 hours in Stockholm

Cosmo UK: 24 hours in Stockholm

24 hours in Stockholm

What I actually did in a 24 hour period:

  • Walked out to City Hall and explored the grounds.
  • Checked out Gramla Stan and toured the streets, Royal Palace, Royal Coin Palace, and church
  • Walked along the main boulevard of Södermalm (Götgaten): stepped into a bakery and grabbed a gingerbread cookie and Julmust (very yummy carbonated soda-type beverage served during Christmas season). Hopped on the T-bana @ Skanstull to Central Station. A 24 hour unlimited T-bana/bus pass will cost 135 sek.
  • Walked to the 7 tram (it’s not at the Central Station at all) — you have to walk a bit close to the Gallerian (above ground).
  • Checked out Djurgården –> Rosendals + Skansen
  • Took the 7 tram to Östermalm and walked to Karlaplan and then caught the T-bana to Central Station.
  • After a much needed rest, I headed out to dinner at Knut.  Started with a beverage of bourbon + rowanberry + thyme.  The bartender said that the rowanberry is typically very sour, so they offset that punch with sugar.  It was tasty.  The ambiance of this restaurant was rustic cozy.  There are about 10 tables with varying number of seats and a bar with 10 seats.  Good music during dinner.  The cocktail menu is original and daring but pricey (135 sek / 7.81 for USD conversion).  The bread and butter basket was just the right pre-dinner snack.  The butter was flavorful; soft bread was warm and soft.  I ordered the moose steak dish and it was more like a meatball.  The flavor was earthy and it was perfectly cooked.  There was a flavorful creamy vanilla-type slightly sweet sauce.  Berries (not sure what type) and a block of potato browned on all sides were served alongside the moose.  I really enjoyed it.  The flavors melded together nicely.  I used the butter with sea salt from the bread basket on the potato cube.  Sublime.  Dessert was a warmed cloudberry (typical fruit of northern Sweden) with vanilla ice cream.  The berry had an interesting flavor: tart, but not quite like a pomegranate.  It looks like an orange blackberry, but doesn’t taste like one.  The vanilla ice cream was rich and deep in true vanilla bean flavor.  However, I’m not sure the two flavors (cloudberry and vanilla bean) worked together for me.  I appreciated the crunchy morsels at the bottom of the ice cream.  Overall nice, flavorful, Swedish dishes served in a cozy and comfy unpretentious atmosphere.

IMG_8998 IMG_8999


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