Day 8: Stockholm, Sweden #stockholm #sweden #knut

NYT: 36 hours in Stockholm

UK Telegraph: 36 hours in Stockholm

The Independent UK: 24 hours in Stockholm

The Independent UK: 48 hours in Stockholm

Cosmo UK: 24 hours in Stockholm

24 hours in Stockholm

What I actually did in a 24 hour period:

  • Walked out to City Hall and explored the grounds.
  • Checked out Gramla Stan and toured the streets, Royal Palace, Royal Coin Palace, and church
  • Walked along the main boulevard of S√∂dermalm (G√∂tgaten): stepped into a bakery and grabbed a gingerbread cookie and Julmust (very yummy carbonated soda-type beverage served during Christmas season). Hopped on the T-bana @ Skanstull to Central Station. A 24 hour unlimited T-bana/bus pass will cost 135 sek.
  • Walked to the 7 tram (it’s not at the Central Station at all) — you have to walk a bit close to the Gallerian (above ground).
  • Checked out Djurg√•rden –> Rosendals + Skansen
  • Took the 7 tram to √Ėstermalm and walked to Karlaplan and then caught the T-bana to Central Station.
  • After a much needed rest, I headed out to dinner at Knut. ¬†Started with a beverage of bourbon + rowanberry + thyme. ¬†The bartender said that the rowanberry is typically very sour, so they offset that punch with sugar. ¬†It was tasty. ¬†The ambiance of this restaurant was rustic cozy. ¬†There are about 10 tables with varying number of seats and a bar with 10 seats. ¬†Good music during dinner. ¬†The cocktail menu is original and daring but pricey (135 sek / 7.81 for USD conversion). ¬†The bread and butter basket was just the right pre-dinner snack. ¬†The butter was flavorful; soft bread was warm and soft. ¬†I ordered the moose steak dish and it was more like a meatball. ¬†The flavor was earthy and it was perfectly cooked. ¬†There was a flavorful creamy vanilla-type slightly sweet sauce. ¬†Berries (not sure what type) and a block of potato browned on all sides were¬†served alongside the moose. ¬†I really enjoyed it. ¬†The flavors melded together nicely. ¬†I used the butter with sea salt from the bread basket on the potato cube. ¬†Sublime. ¬†Dessert was a warmed cloudberry (typical fruit of northern Sweden) with vanilla ice cream. ¬†The berry had an interesting flavor: tart, but not quite like a pomegranate. ¬†It looks like an orange blackberry, but doesn’t taste like one. ¬†The vanilla ice cream was rich and deep in true vanilla bean flavor. ¬†However, I’m not sure the two flavors (cloudberry and vanilla bean) worked together for me. ¬†I appreciated the crunchy morsels at the bottom of the ice cream. ¬†Overall nice, flavorful, Swedish dishes served in a cozy and comfy unpretentious atmosphere.

IMG_8998 IMG_8999


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