Tanzanian Journey! #kilimanjaro #tanzania #zanzibar #africa

Fri, Jan 30

I’m packed and ready to go!  This trip was booked back in November (almost 3 months ago)…and it’s finally here!

What I’m taking (I can’t believe it fits in a 46L pack and a 55L pack!):

Packing list:

Post-call –> That means I spent 24 hours in the hospital.  So now, I’m exhausted, but super excited to get the trip started!!

What’s in store for today….
It’s already been a crazy day bc the flights were changed. Multiple times. What can ya do? I’m too tired to hoot an holler. Apparently there’s a bad storm in Amsterdam.

10:03A DL 5689: SAN → LAX 11A

13:50P KLM602  LAX → AMS 9A (Sat) = 10H 15M

Follow me and my journey!

So gonna try and do a 24hour stay in Amsterdam. Not part of the original plan, but definitely trying to make something happen.


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