Day 2: Lemosho route #kilimanjaro #africa #tanzania #lemosho

Mon, Feb 2

2nd– Shira Camp 1 (B, L, D)

Satellite Track My Journey

Leave Mti Kubwa Camp towards Shira Camp 1.  Few things are as humbling as being passed by porters on a mountain hike so don’t forget to cheer on your porters who will set your tent, fetch water and prepare the equipment at the next campsite –i m p r e s s e d .

Day 2: Mti Mkubwa camp (2750 m) – Shira 2 camp (3840 m). Hiking time: 6/7 hours

Shira Camp 1 to Shira Camp 2

View of Kilimanjaro summit from Shira Camp

As you know, there is minimal wifi on the mountain, so this post is posted on the proposed date of the climb (as well as subsequent posts).  I will have an update below for when we return with added tidbits.

Images above are from Google Images

**Update to go below**

Feb 2: Bags still aren’t here. Spending the day close to Moshi in Stella Maris Lodge. Very cute and well organized hotel where the proceeds go to benefit the primary school on the grounds. Met our guide and driver, Mussa and Abu. Drive into Moshi town it was bustling with food markets! Went to the Materuni Waterfalls (
Had social hours in huts with a special brew of millet and banana. The server takes first sip and then passes cup amongst friends. Stories are told. Lessons are learned and debated. Lastly, we toured a local coffee grower/brewer. It was the ultimate pour over coffee and all without a grinder! Fresh beans.. Skinned… Roasted… And brewed fresh. Tried local jack fruit! Delicious and sticky gooey. Mussa came to pick us up to take us to the airport and we met out assistant guide Abu. Thank goodness our bags arrived! We did a bag check and started packing our gear for the start of our Lemosho route!!


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