Day 4: Lemosho route #kilimanjaro #africa #tanzania #lemosho

Wed, Feb 4

4th– Barranco via Lava Tower (B, L, D)

Satellite Track My Journey

Day 3: Shira (3840m) – Lava Tower (4630m) – Barranco camp (3950m). Hiking time: 7 hours

Barranco Wall

This is one of the best days for acclimatizing, as you will trek high via Lava Tower and sleep low at Barranco hut. You will cover a great trekking distance in different, almost unreal sceneries. One of the highlights is the Senecio section before you reach Barranco camp. Make sure you hug one of these spectacular plants. Will you fell small? Maybe. Will you feel connected? Definitely! – h u m b l e d .

A great description from another person’s account.

As you know, there is minimal wifi on the mountain, so this post is posted on the proposed date of the climb (as well as subsequent posts).  I will have an update below for when we return with added tidbits.

Images above are from Google Images

**Update to go below**

Today we did a rather uncommon thing to make up time. We bypassed a typical stopping place to camp and trudged on to the next camp. We went from big tree camp to Shira 1 where we had a hot lunch. This was a pretty tough ascent… The 7 hills. My legs were pretty sore after this. After lunch, we went from Shira 1 to Shira 2. This was mostly flat and a kind gentle walk except til the end when there was a small ascent. Probably would’ve been no big deal for fresh legs, but I was ready to throw in the towel. Good gear to have for today: 3L water, warm weather hiking gear, sunscreen, hiking poles, snacks, Chapstick with SPF, sun hat. We were pretty shot by the time we got to Shira 2. Kudos to our chef who whips up the most amazing meals.


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