Day 5: Lemosho route #kilimanjaro #africa #tanzania #lemosho

Thurs, Feb 5

5th– Barafu Camp (B, L, D)

Satellite Track My Journey

Karanga camp offered you a great interval and it is time to approach the Barafu summit camp.

Karanga Camp

The trek is relatively short,allowing you to rest and eat at the campsite while preparing yourself mentally for the pending task. Make sure you eat and drink properly – p r e p a r e d . Summit night –Uhuru Peak.  All the research, planning, booking, imagining, excitement and training will climax in your attempt for the Uhuru Peak summit. You will need all your mental and physical abilities for the steep ascent to the ‘roof of Africa’. Boost your energy level from the stars. Let the moon shine your path. Feel connected to everything around you and instead of seeing the mountain as an obstacle, become one with it. The first rays of light will give you that extra push you need at Stella Point and the reward that waits at Uhuru Peak will not be disappointing, perhaps rather life changing – e l e v a t e d .

As you know, there is minimal wifi on the mountain, so this post is posted on the proposed date of the climb (as well as subsequent posts).  I will have an update below for when we return with added tidbits.

Images above are from Google Images

**Update to go below**

Feb 5
Woke up at 6 am again and saw the stunning view of the glaciers. It’s so incredible to see the sunrises and sunsets of the mountains. Nature never ceases to amaze me.  We hit the trail around 8:30a or 9am towards Lava Tower. The scenery changed from semi-desert to desert climate. The plants became fewer and fewer as we ascended 2000m. As vegetation went away, there was more of a rocky desolate surface. We hit Lava tower around 1:15p and had a nice snack there and then continued our way to Barranco camp. It is a steep initial descent with large and small rocks and ice. After the initial descent there was a 2000m gradual descent back into the semi-desert climate. Our knees took a beating today. We used our walking poles heavily and still had heavy quads and sore knees. Upon arriving to Barranco camp, we were greeted with a close up view of the glaciers and the Barranco wall (we’ll tackle that tomorrow).  Stunning. Today, the gear we needed: glove liners, fleece, shell, walking poles, sunhat, sunglasses, snacks. The stars here are incredibly beautiful in the darkness.

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