Serengeti to Zanzibar #tanzania #africa #safari #zanzibar #beaches

Wed, Feb 11

11th– Serengeti/Ngorongoro (B, L, D)

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Wake up very early and move with the breakfast box, lunch and show your final respects to Serengeti (for this time) with a game drive this will be the last moment with your new fried (guide/driver) and he transferred you to Seronera airstrip for your afternoon flight to Zanzibar – Complete.

11th – Stone town (B, L, D -> Nungwi)

Your flight to Zanzibar gives you a great retrospective of the land you have visited. The turquoise bird view of Spice Island will not disappoint you either Meet and greet your Bramwel Safaris staff at the airport who will transfer you The Z – Hotel for dinner and overnight.

Stone Town, Zanzibar

The Z Hotel

The Z Hotel

Stone Town, Zanzibar

Tripadvisor Attractions for Stone town

Tripadvisor Restaurants for Stone town

As you know, there is minimal wifi on the mountain, so this post is posted on the proposed date of the climb (as well as subsequent posts).  I will have an update below for when we return with added tidbits.

Images above are from Google Images

**Update to go below**

Feb 11
Left early (6:30a) to see the animals. The evenings and mornings are cold.
Serengeti center (seronera):
Impala, CHEETAH!, lovebird, hippos,  tiny crocodile on Seronera River, banded mongoose, maribu stork, hammerkop nest (huge 100kg nest), dik dik, catfish, black faced monkey and fight, rock hyrax, Nile crocodile, cheetah and her cubs, cheetah count total: 5 cheetahs and 3 Cubs, leopard in tree,
The big 5: leopard, elephant, lion, water buffalo, black rhino — complete!

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