Day 7: Lemosho route to Arusha #kilimanjaro #africa #tanzania #lemosho

Sat, Feb 7

7th–Mweka Gate -> Arusha (B)

Satellite Track My Journey

Day 6: Mweka camp (3100 m) – Mweka Gate (1980 m). Hiking time: 3 hours

Your Kilimanjaro experience ends at Mweka gate. Thank the people who made it all possible and say ‘fare well’ (for this time) to newly found mountaineer friends. Sign out of the national park with your certificate before heading to Arusha for the best shower of your life at Karama lodge & Spa – u p l i f t e d .

Lemosho Route Little used and more remote than other routes. The route is one of the few where groups may be accompanied on the first day by an armed ranger, as the forests around the Lemosho Glades are rich in buffalo, elephant and other big game animals.

  • Day 1: Londorossi Gate (2100 m) – Mti Mkubwa camp (2750 m). Hiking time: 3 hours
  • Day 2: Mti Mkubwa camp (2750 m) – Shira 2 camp (3840 m). Hiking time: 6/7 hours
  • Day 3: Shira (3840m) – Lava Tower (4630m) – Barranco camp (3950m). Hiking time: 7 hours
  • Day 4: Barranco camp (3950 m) – Barafu camp (4550 m). Hiking time: 7 hours
  • Day 5: Barafu camp (4550 m) – Uhuru Peak (5895 m) – Mweka (3100 m). Hiking time: 8 hours to reach Uhuru Peak 7/8 hours to descend to Mweka
  • Day 6: Mweka camp (3100 m) – Mweka Gate (1980 m). Hiking time: 3 hours

‘ A variation on the Lemosho Route inserts two extra days in the itinerary for acclimatization and also to avoid having to climb up to the summit in the dark.

  • Day 4: Barranco (3950 m) to Karranga Valley (4000 m). Hiking Time 4 hours. This segment takes you up the infamous ‘Barranco Wall.’
  • Day 5: Karranga Valley (4000 m) to Barafu camp (4550 m). Hiking Time 3 hours
  • Day 6: Barafu camp (4550 m) – Uhuru Peak (5895 m) – Crater Camp (5640m). Hiking Time about 8 hours
  • Day 7: Crater Camp (5640 m) – Mweka (3100 m). Hiking time: 7/8 hours to descend.

Karama Lodge & Spa

As you know, there is minimal wifi on the mountain, so this post is posted on the proposed date of the climb (as well as subsequent posts).  I will have an update below for when we return with added tidbits.

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Feb 7
Today we made the long treacherous most difficult ascent to Uhuru Peak. Don’t let anyone tell you this trail is easy. Loose rock,gravel, and sand  quickly want to swallow your feet at every step.  That is what welcomes you from Barafu base camp to Uhuru peak. We started our journey at around 9am where most other companies started theirs at midnight in the dark. I can’t imagine doing this steep ascent in the dark. We started a little later because we wanted to camp in the crater.  We finally reached Stella Point where there’s the start of a beautiful view of a glacier.  After addition of extra layers, we slowly made a more gradual ascent to Uhuru peak. I was definitely having a mild headache despite taking diamox 250mg Po bid and drinking plenty of water with electrolyte solution (and having to pee every 2-3 hours!).  There are some beautiful glaciers to appreciate on the way from Stella Pt to Uhuru peak. Sadly, they’re slowly receding. On the way up I kept thinking about that poem “The Road Less Traveled”by Robert Frost. The only part I could remember was: Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I, I took the road less traveled and that has made all the difference.” At the same time I was reflecting on my own life and decisions I had made. I’m incredibly lucky to be where I am today and to have the most amazing support.  I want to continue traveling that road less travelled.
Once we reached Uhuru Peak it was such a joyous and bittersweet occasion. A long and arduous journey with an amazing reward for our efforts. We were at the Roof of Africa and truly taking in all its splendor. I couldn’t have been more proud of our team who helped us reach this magnificent peak. Every step brings you closer to your goal. Pole, pole = slow, slow in Swahili. The Tanzanian people are incredibly gracious and showed us such great hospitality. Their kind souls and sense of community are easily evident the first day you meet them. Hakuna matata!!!  After we reached the peak, we headed down to camp in the crater. There was quite a bit of snow all around so we got down quickly by sliding on our butts on the snow. It was actually quite fun!