Beijing to Hong Kong

Elements shopping Mall Hong Kong

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We met Bargitta at the hotel lobby and went to her hospital and met her chairman and had a tour of the ORs.  then, we went over to Fuwai Hospital (specialty cardiac hospital) to check out the ORs. after the tours, we took the subway to henderson shopping center and had some delicious noodles for lunch.  after lunch, we packed and caught our plane from beijing to hong kong (roughly a 3hr flight).



Beijing National Aquatics Centre and Beijing N...

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we worked out at the gym and met peter (our tour guide) who gave us a tour of the Summer Palace.  we went by for photo opportunities of the Beijing 2008 summer olympics (bird’s nest, water cube, etc) and then headed to a local hutong where we rode around in a rickshaw and had lunch with a local family.  the father was a kung fu expert and trained both his sons, one of whom is in houston and was a coach to jet li. the family was very nice and the tour was an interesting look at people’s lives in a hutong. we saw the bell tower and drum tower near the hutong.  we checked out silk street markets and got a d&g jacket and white ceramic chanel watch.  hard bargaining!  then, we went to Da Dong, an amazing restaurant was focus on peking duck, presentation, and decor.  we ordered the shark fin soup, bird’s nest soup, beef short ribs, bamboo shoots, and the 1/2 duck.  it was a superb meal!  after that, we took a walk jinbao road and saw some amazing car dealers all in a row. not to forget all the new hotels and specialty shops on this road!  we then headed down wanfujing road and ducked into a nice air conditioned mall called malls at oriental plaza. durian was attempted here…we found a store like whole foods called Ole where we got some for the chairman at the hospital and went by the Sony store to get Bargitta an electronic picture frame. headed to bed around 11p.


Great Wall of China near Jinshanling

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we drove out 3 hrs of south of Beijing to a non-crowded section of the Great Wall (Jinshanling).  the view from this section of the wall was amazing.  it was incredibly beautiful! we hiked the wall for 4hrs…. after the hike, we met Bargitta for dinner at the hotel as there was a huge storm that blew in from Typhoon Muifa.  we stayed in the hotel and watched The Hangover.

Xi’an to Beijing

Drum tower in Xi'an,China

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We went to the islamic mosque and then checked out the islamic quarter. sticky rice with rose sauce was delicious. we also tried a fried persimmon. we then walked down a very modern street with modern malls and spotted a dq and dunkin donuts. for lunch, we ducked into a hot pot restaurant…which was ok. clearly, a torist stop setup by the chinese tourism dpt. after lunch, we headed to the airport and departed Xi’an for Beijing. Upon arrival to Beijing, we checked into our hotel and then headed to wanfujing and decided to test our stomachs by eating scorpion and pupas.  the scorpion was surprisingly delightful, but i couldnt get past the texture of the outer shell of the pupa.