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Fish tacos with lime-cilantro sauce

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San Diego’s fish tacos are phenomenal. A delectable treat that truly is California’s own.  So, again, I’m experimenting (more like pushing my culinary envelope) with my version of fish tacos.

Serving: 4

See SoupAddict’s entry for fish taco sauce

1 packet organic fish taco seasoning
1 shredded cabbage mix
1 package shredded cheese
1 lime
2 Orange roughy fillets
(2 chicken breasts) for people who don’t like fish or just to soak up that extra fish taco seasoning
1 package of corn tortillas

1.  Follow directions for fish taco sauce.  Make this first so there’s time to chill.
2.  Place 2 fish fillets in a plastic bag with fish taco seasoning (made according to packet) and coat all sides evenly.  Place fish on grill at medium to med-high heat and remove when fish starts to become flaky.
3. With the optional chicken, throw into seasoning bag with fish taco seasoning and coat all sides.  Place on grill and flip every 3-5 minutes. Cut into center to make sure there’s no pink left.
4. Warm corn tortilla. Place 1-2 tbsp chilled fish taco sauce onto tortilla. Place 1 handful of shredded cabbage next. Top the cabbage with seasoned fish (or chicken). Drizzle small amount of chilled fish taco sauce over fish.  Top with cheese and cilantro and a squirt of lime.

You and your friends will be wowed!