Juicer and Blender Greens Recipe

This recipe is from a friend of mine and it looks absolutely delicious! Can’t wait to try it.  See below.

One Juicer

One Vitamix
Huge handfuls of dark greens (kale, collard greens, etc you need a ton of leaves to get any juice at all — best to just grow them)
Small amounts of veg flavor bits (ginger, garlic, fresh herbs, whatever)
Frozen fruit chunks (mixed berries, cantaloupe, etc — think Costco) (frozen beats fresh for that milkshake texture)
1.37 dollops plain Greek yogurt

Toss the greenery and veg flavor bits into the juicer to make an intensely green juice, almost undrinkable, we’re talking wheatgrass juice intensity.  You can throw in a tomato or carrot for variety but chlorophyll overkill is the goal.

Now go take the frozen fruit and make a fruit smoothie in the blender with it, only instead of using fruit juice or milk to thin it out and make it blendable, use the intensely green juice.  Throw in the yogurt.  By adding frozen fruit chunks, go for the texture of a thick milkshake that stands up to a spoon.

Result:  a dark, substantial, delicious, intensely green thing with the consistency of a chocolate shake.  The fruit cuts the green bitterness without over-sweetening, the frozenness of the fruit makes it cold and thick, and the yogurt gives it that dairy-dessert-ness.  It’s green tea ice cream on steroids, and when you drink it, you feel insanely healthy.