Hong Kong to Guilin

The view of Hong Kong, Kowloon and Victoria Ha...

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After a gorgeous morning run along the Kowloon waterfront and a yummy buffet breakfast, we met Eric up and he took us up to Victoria peak via the funicular (old cable car). We were able to take spectacular pictures of both Kowloon and hong kong. Victoria peak is the Island’s highest point – 552 meters high. I’d highly recommend getting up to Victoria peak and taking a walk around. The view is outstanding!  Then, eric took us to repulse bay (nice beach and one of Jackie chan’s apts), Stanley market (beach town feel and very touristy), and Aberdeen (harbor area with junks and sampans)…all in hong kong.  After a quick lunch of goose, dim sum, and veggies at the airport, we made our way to Guilin via quick flight.  We arrived around 5p and were met by Sophie our guide.  After checking into the hotel, we toured the downtown area, which was quite huge for such a quiet relaxing town. Sophie suggested we check out a local rice noodle shop in the downtown area and it was delicious! It’s located near the niko niko shopping center. Plus, one dinner rice noodle bowl and a coke was only $1.50!


Hong Kong

Some Dai pai dong at the west side of the street

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We arrived into Hong Kong at 7pm.  HK is 15 hrs ahead of Cali time.  Getting through customs was a breeze. We looked all over for our China Odyssey tour guide, however we weren’t able to spot him.  better yet, he found us.  Eric is a very hyper, sweet guide who let us know that he put in his effort to look for us for the past 2 hrs.  We meet up and head to our hotel, the Regal Kowloon Hotel.  We’re situated pretty close to the water front on the 15th floor. After dropping off our bags, we headed to the night market on Temple St.  It was quite the hike, but after 16+ hours on a plane, we were ready for an adventure….even though the weather was quite hot and humid!  We found a nice lil street vendor (dai pai dong) and ordered four season rice and beef with black bean sauce.  The area was very reminiscent of Chinatown in the US (specifically Boston and NYC).  After full bellies, we headed back to the hotel and crashed around 2a  Sunday.