Shanghai to Xi’an

Jin Mao Tower, Shanghai

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To avoid the “smog”, we opted to workout in the hotel fitness centre which happened to be adequately equipped with aerobic machines and weights.  After a nice street breakfast, we headed up to Jinmao Tower (9m/sec elevator) to the 88th floor for a beautiful skyline view of Shanghai.  Then, we headed to the French Concession and checked out the Mansion Hotel which used to be a gangster’s (big ear Du) elegant house.  Then we checked out a very cute shopping area nearby….grabbed lunch (sticky rice and some summer ice cream-red bean-tapioca ball-jelly concoction that’s native to Shanghai).  We contemplated taking the Maglev high speed train from the airport to Shanghai and back just to see what it was like (30km in 8min)…but opted to play it safe and just chill at the airport.  We flew out from Shanghai to Xi’an and developed a bad cold on the way.