Spartan Race 2011


Nov 19, 2011 — Calamigos Ranch, Malibu, CA

This was an amazing experience.  If you love sports, working out, being outside, meeting new people…you’ll love Spartan Race.  The Sprint version of the race is a 5k very hilly trail run (steep ups and downs!) with about 10 obstacles.  The obstacles include a cargo net climb, monkey bars, tire carry, getting over and under fences, wood wall traverse, cement bucket pulley, cold water swim, javelin throw, fire jump, and rope wall climb.  I can’t emphasize the steep hills enough.  Some of the grades appeared to be 30-40 degrees vertically!  And that’s going up as well as going down.  In fact, one of the steepest parts of the race was carrying a tire down and up a very very steep hill.  This race will test your endurance, mentally challenge your true grit, and show the true kindness of strangers.

You’ll want to have some stamina prior to going into the race.  I was doing Insanity prior to the race.  This was a great workout prior to the race, however, there’s no substitute for hill running and getting that mileage.  Also, signup for Workout Of the Day (WOD) from the Spartan Race website.  Sometimes, they’re insane… just do what you can.

Overall, it was a great experience.  I loved every minute of the race…and it’s even better when you’re running with a group of friends.  Even if you choose to do the race without friends, you’ll meet a ton of amazing friendly people at the race…so don’t let that stop you!  Get out there and become a Spartan!  You’ll feel amazing afterwards and even pickup a couple of battle scars that’ll make you feel super tough!